About Lacunawolf

Lacunawolf is a visionary creative agency based in Western Canada. Whether it's web development, graphic design, inbound marketing, or audio/video production, we aim to create solutions that are profoundly simple and captivating.

"Your work is to clarify and purify your vision so that the vibration you are offering can then be answered."

- Abraham Hicks

Our Values

Some companies will charge a fortune for cold, sterile, impersonal work. Lacunawolf chooses to do things differently. We genuinely love working with passionate, authentic, humble people, because we are honestly much the same.

We treat our clients like friends, and that means we make time for you, and greet you with a warm smile! But above all, we value opportunities to create intimate and compelling media that will help your business stand out.

Cost-Effective by Design

Because of our extremely low overhead costs, our prices are affordable for you, and still enough to provide food and shelter for us!

And rather than setting fixed prices for standardized packages, we can shape our process specifically around your budget and your requirements.

Earth-Friendly by Nature

We believe that the wilderness is sacred. So, like any other dedicated tree huggers would, we try to minimize unnecessary waste.

That's why we use carbon neutral web hosting, we're entirely paper-free, and we work in one of the densest, greenest cities in North America. We even go as far as to maintain plant-based diets!

What We Do

While specialists are incredibly valuable in their own right, we understand that hiring and managing an assortment of separate entities can be a bad return on investment for small-scale projects.

Lacunawolf is tailored differently, behaving as one cohesive unit from start to finish. That means that everyone understands the vision, everyone understands your needs, and everyone has the skills to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible.

Trusted by:

  • Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply
  • Zoom Zoom Groom
  • Dewdney Animal Hospital
  • The Apex Academy of Animal Arts and Pet Nutrition
  • DEL Business Solutions
  • Reilander Custom Guitar
  • Pour Couture Eyelash Extensions
  • YogaDog Dog Training
  • Masquerade Cresteds
  • Hive Mind Computing
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Zoom Zoom Groom Ltd.

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DEL Business Solutions


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Yogadog Dog Training

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Based in Vancouver, British Columbia

with roots in Saskatchewan and Alberta

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